Your lights serve a greater purpose than just illuminating your rooms; with Electrical Gurus, lighting can be architectural and decorative as well as function efficiently. We pride ourselves on making something functional and beautiful, bringing together light and art. At Electrical Gurus, we believe that lighting can enhance and give life to your rooms, home and business. Through our specialty lighting, you can have access to endless possibilities you never even imagined until now.

We strive to provide each and every one of our customers with honest information and wonderful products that will help them make the decision with where and how they want their lighting to be. Different effects can be created through your lighting systems, pertaining to image, design and functionality. We can also set up your lighting to be controlled from a variety of home automation products.  As Des Moines’ Top Rated Local® electrician, we can help improve your home’s lighting with our custom lighting designs. We even offer energy efficient options.

When you decide you want specialty lighting for your home, we will ensure that lighting products and electrical equipment are up-to-date and capable of handling your new additions and system. Specialty lighting can complement artwork, add to a room’s decor style, and even stand as the focal point in a room. Enhance your kitchen, living room, or even enhance the outside lighting of your home to give additional curb appeal to your property and even increase its value. Illuminate arches and doorways to create a powerful statement, all through your lighting the options are virtually endless.

Our professional team will exceed your expectations, and provide you with lighting that you will love. We are experienced licensed electricians who are dedicated to giving you the best options, guaranteeing results you will not even believe.  Contact us online, or call Electrical Gurus today at 515-446-7040 for all of your residential specialty lighting needs.