Common household appliances like microwaves, appliances, and computers did not exist when some older homes were built. As times goes on, our technology and appliance capabilities advance and change. To make most of these technologies work, you often have to plug them in or have a power source connected to make them function properly. Many problems people run into with new appliances and growing homes is that their original electrical power sources just do not cut it when it comes to adequate power. Either adaptors do not give off enough voltage correct connection to make your appliances function properly, or you cannot use them at all. We can help make your home’s electrical wiring meet the current code and meet the technology demands of today and tomorrow.

Original wiring of homes and businesses can create larger problems than you may even expect when everything inside has adapted to the changing times. Electrical Gurus can help you update your home’s wiring to transform your systems into something more functional and up-to-date with today’s technologies. It’s even possible to increase your home’s value with updated electrical and other updates. It is not only appliances that need modern wiring, lighting and common house additions can require a home rewriting as well. If you need a new smoke alarm system installed, ceiling fans, or outdoor low voltage and accent lights, Electrical Gurus can do that, too. We even offer specialty lighting and energy efficiency services.

As Des Moines’ Top Rated Local® electrician, Electrical Guru’s can make your home rewiring a smooth transition, and provide you with a service you will be pleased and confident with. As times change, so do your electrical needs. We understand how complicated and time-consuming rewiring can be. Let the experts at Electrical Guru’s take care of your rewiring. Your electrical system should always be safe and reliable, and we offer electrical service that you can trust. Your home is our concern, and we will never give you anything less than the best. Contact us online, or call Electrical Gurus today at 515-446-7040 for all of your house re-wiring needs.