Generators are crucial pieces of equipment for those living in the Midwest. Between violent storms that have the capability of knocking out power for days to extreme summer temperatures that can lead to brownouts and other natural disasters, having the ability to keep your family’s home powered is important. Not only are generators capable of providing power for basic utilities such as lights and hot water, residential generators keep refrigerators and freezers full of food cold as well as powering electric stoves, ovens, and microwaves that allow you to feed your family. At Electrical Guru’s, we view generators as a critical component to a home’s electrical system, and as Des Moines’ Top Rated Local® Electrician, we we are proud to be able to not only service residential generators but to sell them as well.

Residential Generator Sales & Service

At Electrical Guru’s, we carry a wide range of residential generators that fit the lifestyle and needs of most Iowa families. From portable generators to backup and standby generators, Electrical Guru’s has you covered. While we carry Kohler generators for sales and installation, our team of electricians can service a wide range of generators from the most popular brands. Whether you keep a backup generator for your Des Moines home to have power through the worst of storms or have a portable generator for power when you need it, Electrical Guru’s can help install and maintain your generators.

For more information about the residential electrical generators available for sale from Electrical Guru’s or the generator repair services we offer, contact us online or call Des Moines’ Top Rated Local® electrician today at 515-446-7040.