When the doors to your home stick, they could be trying to tell you that your home’s  foundation is shifting. If your HVAC system makes funny sounds, it’s begging to be serviced. But what about your electrical system? Outside of an electrical house fire, how does your house try to tell you that it’s in need of some tender love and care by a certified electrician? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, your house is trying to tell you to call an electrician today.

Do the circuit breakers trip regularly?

One sign that you should immediately call an electrician is if your circuit breakers are tripping on a regular basis or if you reset the breaker and it re-trips. This is a sign of a bigger electrical system problem that will need the expertise of a certified electrician to diagnosis and remedy.

Do your lights flicker or dim?

If your lights flicker often, then there may be a bigger electrical problem with your home. Yes, it is possible that the power grid is being temperamental but it’s far more likely to be something with the wiring in the home. Perhaps even a pesky rodent chewing on wires in the wall leaving you open to a fire hazard.

Is there a regular burning smell?

Much like when you burn food in the oven, a burning smell is definitely a problem. If you cannot pin-point the burning smell to a ruined dinner or lit candle, then you might want to consider contacting an electrician because it could be your outlets or wiring system.

Call us today if you suspect that your home is making a plea for electrical help.