Electricians provide a wide variety of services from tracking down the rogue outlet that keeps tripping the breaker to installing ceiling fans or lighting. Additionally, an electrician can install new home wiring or repair problems that already exist and need to be addressed. Sometimes you inherit electrical problems when you move into a pre-existing home that need to be resolved. Here are some signs that you may need to hire an electrician to upgrade the wiring in your home.

What’s the Age?

Unlike many other appliances or home features, age isn’t always the best indicator for when wiring needs to be updated. That being said, having an electrician come out to inspect the entire electrical system and having that information on hand is important. If you suspect that something may be wrong, don’t know when the last time an inspection was done, or your home was built in a year that used suspect electrical systems, call your Top Rated Local® electrician today.

Two-Prong Ungrounded Outlets

The next time you get the chance, take a good, long look at your home’s outlets. What do they look like? Do they have three-prongs or only two? If you have a variety of two-pronged outlets it’s time to give an electrician a call. Two-prong outlets are ungrounded, unlike three-prong, which means that they can be a fire hazard. The outlets either need to be changed to three-prong and attached with a grounding wire or they need to be replaced by GFCI outlets in order to protect homeowners. An electrician is best to evaluate your specific home’s needs.

Aluminum Wiring

Above we mentioned homes being built during years that have suspect electrical elements. Aluminum wiring is the perfect example of this. During the 1960s and 70s, many homes were constructed utilizing aluminum wiring instead of copper. Over time, aluminum wiring will loosen, making it easier for fires to start when the outlet is in use. An electrician can let you know if your home is at risk and what to do about it.

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