Whether you have recently moved into a new home or have decided to remodel, there is one thing most people do not consider until it is too late: the placement of the light switches in each room. While it may seem like a miniscule worry, having practical and accessible light switches in your home can actually make a huge difference. Although some light switch positions may never make sense– who put that switch behind the door, anyway?– one of the main reasons many homeowners are interested in relocating light switches is because the intended usage for each room may differ from the previous homeowner, and the purpose of each room will certainly influence the type and size of furniture in the room which may also affect lightswitch placement.

Have A Residential Electrician Help With Relocating Light Switches

From adding a light switch to the master bedroom closet to moving a light switch outside the bathroom to inside, a residential electrician from Electrical Gurus can help with all of our house wiring issues and home electrical installation projects. And while you may feel like you have enough home repair experience to handle installing or moving a light switch, the reasons your Des Moines home has light switches in strange spots is probably because someone took a shortcut the first time. Having an experienced and licensed residential electrician will not only save you the headache from trying to undo someone else’s workaround, you will also be certain that the job is done properly and up to local electric codes. Contact us online today or call Electrical Gurus at 515-446-7040 for help with relocating your light switches.