When you go through the process of buying a home there are many processes and inspections that you expect. There is an appraisal to know the value of the house for both the bank loan and the homeowner’s insurance, and then there is the general home inspection which tries to identify any possible problems with the home. Many things can come up during this general inspection from issues with the roof to problems with the breaker box. Consider the following reasons for hiring an electrician to do an electrical system inspection on a house before signing the final closing papers.

Concerns During the Inspection

A home inspection when you’re under contract can be a really stressful process; you never know what a general inspection will find. There could be any number of hidden problems that aren’t easily visible in the home. This is definitely the case with the electrical system.

Concerns such as a recalled breaker box, non-compliant outlets, or simply the age of the house could merit requesting the services of a certified electrician. That way you will know that an expert has been consulted with and any necessary repairs made.

Check Hard to See Problems

Unfortunately, a home’s electrical wiring is often hard to see as most of it hides in the walls. However, expert electricians have the tools and know-how to spot problems that may be overlooked. Problems in the electrical system can cause many bigger issues including being a fire hazard. Having an electrician check a home prior to purchasing can help to mitigate any risk down the line.

Don’t forget to have the electrical system thoroughly checked by a certified electrician prior to closing on a new home. Contact Electrical Gurus today!