dreamstime_15990439One thing is for sure, you can rarely have too much light in your home. While windows provide a lot of light in the home, having proper lighting can improve a home’s appearance, functionality, and feel. Many homes, especially older homes, may not come with installed lighting and instead may rely on you to acquire free-standing lighting like lamps. While this can be a way to get more lighting in a room, it’s not always ideal. Consider callinging up an electrician to install lighting in any of the following areas to see great improvement in your home.


One room you may not think about the lighting in, is the bathroom. Between shaving, putting on makeup, or just taking a shower, light is a critical component when using the bathroom. Yet it’s often under-lit. It would be very feasible to have an electrician install lighting into the ceiling to help illuminate bathing spaces safely and make sure your vanity lighting is up to par before your Electrical Guru electrician goes home so that you can always see clearly.

Living Room

Having control of the living room lighting is important especially if you use the room for your entertainment center. An electrician can install recessed lighting throughout the room and include dimmer functionality in the switch to give you supreme lighting control.


Part of what makes a kitchen so appealing is when it’s open, airy, and bright. This can’t happen if you don’t have the proper lighting installed. The kitchen is the perfect place to take advantage of the ceiling space or under the cabinet space to make sure you can see what you’re doing when you’re using a kitchen knife. Additionally, a bar could be a great place to have your electrician install pendulum lighting to add that “wow” factor to your space.

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