Having enough electrical outlets in any given room of your home is often a concern for Des Moines residents. Whether you are attempting to find the proper amount of outlets for your television and entertainment setup or trying to find room for your alarm clock, bedside lamp, and a place to charge your phone at night, almost every room in your Iowa home could benefit from electrical improvements such as upgrading the outlets in your home to include USB connections. While upgrading your outlets seems like a DIY project, your best bet for electrical installation is to call a residential electrician.

Almost every single modern gadget released on the market today uses a USB connection to charge its battery. One of the reasons for this is that while your smartphone or other device may have a special connection for charging the device, such as the 8-pin connection used by Apple for their newest iPhones referred to as the “lightning connector,” the part that plugs into the wall is universal. Having a residential electrician upgrade your outlets would allow you to plug the USB cable directly into the wall without taking up outlet space. This improves your ability to charge your devices without requiring electrical installation of additional outlets or rewiring your entire house.

Before you start pulling the covers off the outlets in your home, call a professional residential electrician. Installing USB outlets requires expert knowledge, and messing with your electrical services only increases your chances of damaging your electrical systems, your property, or even injuring yourself. Contact Electrical Gurus in Des Moines today, and let us handle the electrical installation of USB outlets for your home.