The widespread availability and application of electricity is one of the truly greatest accomplishments mankind has ever achieved, yet we take it almost entirely for granted. Many people endlessly utilize electricity with almost no idea of how it works. The fact of the matter is that electricity is an incredibly dangerous, and even deadly force, that would be nearly impossible to harness for any practical application without grounding. We’ve probably all heard of grounding, but few people understand just how crucial proper grounding truly is to their house’s wiring.

dreamstime_xxl_41680184Grounding at a Glance

The importance of proper grounding is so vital that it truly cannot be understated, even summarizing the necessity of grounding is difficult without thorough understanding of how electrical currents work. Still, as a basic overview, grounding provides these few necessary things to any safe electrical application, including the power routed to and through your home:

  • Surge protection – Without proper grounding, surges in electricity caused by something like a lightning strike would probably overload and ruin every appliance in your home, and could cause serious harm to your home, up to and including the risk of a fire.
  • Prevents injury – Grounding provides a steady, smooth flow of electricity, and gives overloaded energy a place to safely disperse. Without this system in place, any and all appliances could deliver a potentially dangerous shock upon use at any given time.
  • Stabilized current – Modern appliances often require a smooth, stable flow of electrical current to function properly. Most appliances never come close to the maximum voltage available to them through the outlet they are plugged into, and ground helps to stabilize that flow of electricity to safely provide the correct voltage at all times.

Bring in the Pros

A certified & bonded residential electrician can help you with any electrical issues that may arise in your home, due to poor grounding or otherwise. For any electrical installation services, work with Des Moines’ Top Rated Local® residential electricians for safe, reliable wiring that you can count on.