Like the rest of the country, property values in Des Moines continue to rebound from the housing recession that caused so many headaches and heartbreaks. With the housing market in Polk County on the rise, many residents in the area are purchasing homes and immediately starting on renovation projects to even further increase the value of their home. However, while many people can get instantly excited to start remodeling a kitchen as part of their new home’s makeover, one thing that is often overlooked is the house’s wiring. If you have recently purchased a home or are considering doing so, it is important to call a residential electrician to inspect the residence’s current wiring structure and possibly conduct an entire house re-wiring.

Older homes were not built with the anticipation of modern appliances, and therefore purchasing and renovating an older home will most certainly require an electrician to properly prepare for your new stainless steel appliances. Additionally, homes built in the early part of the 20th century were not equipped to handle conveniences we now take for granted, such as deep freezes and clothes dryers. While many of us keep deep freezes to stock up on staples such as ground beef and expect to be able to dry our family’s clothing without heading to a laundromat, it is extremely important to ensure your home has the proper electrical services before plugging in. Your best bet is to call a local electrician you can trust, and in Des Moines, that means calling Electrical Gurus. Our licensed electricians are experts in house wiring, and we can help you be certain that your new home is ready for your appliances.