Having a detached garage or tool shed is a great asset for any Des Moines home. While many homeowners these days are accustomed to attached garages that make it easier to carry in groceries and for gathering the kids for soccer practice, detached garages provide a great deal of worth because they allow for storage of power tools, lawn chemicals, and other potentially dangerous materials that you wish to keep away from your pets and children. Additionally, a shed allows a place for messier projects to be completed as well as a spot for loud power tools to be used without disrupting the rest of your family. However, due to the complications of building and electrical codes, many homes with detached garages either do not have electricity running to the garage or have been wired in an improper way

A Residential Electrician Can Light The Way

At Electrical Gurus, we are experts in electrical installation. Whether you simply want to run enough electricity for one light or wish to have enough power to run a woodshop, a residential electrician can properly and safely get your detached garage or shed running with electricity. And in the event a previous owner took a shortcut to get power to the garage, we can properly manage your house wiring to make everything is up to code. When it comes to electrical installation, it is the best interest of you and your family’s safety to have it done the right way. Call Des Moines’ Top Rated Local ® electrician today at 515-446-7040 or contact Electrical Gurus online for service you can trust.