dreamstime_xxl_17746765Normally the only reason you would call for electrician services, is when something goes wrong… sometimes even horribly wrong. But, shouldn’t you be thinking about your electrical system and the electricity you’re using a little more often than that? Here at Electrical Gurus, we’re always happy to help when you need us most; but when it’s not an emergency, consider these ways in which you can save electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.

Make the Switch to CFL

You may have recently done some upgrades to your lighting system, or perhaps, you’re thinking about it. That’s one of the best times to stop using incandescent bulbs and make the switch to CFL or LED lightbulb options.

Unplug Charged Devices

We’re all guilty of it; leaving cell phones or laptops plugged in after they’ve finished charging. Once a battery hits 100 percent, they won’t be able to absorb any more energy. But that doesn’t stop the wall outlet from trying. Energy is slowly wasted this way. Additionally, appliances can be another culprit. If you only use an appliance occasionally, don’t leave it plugged in or else it will cost you money on your utility bill.

Turn off the Lights AND Fans

It’s easy to know that you should turn off lights when you leave a room. Remembering to do so can be a little trickier. But doing so can really add up. Additionally, after you’ve had a ceiling fan installed by your local electrician, remember to turn that off as well. Fans cool people, not the air in the room, so you would be wasting electricity allowing a fan to run in an empty room.