dreamstime_xxl_39347188When people think about making electrical upgrades to their home, they tend to shy away thinking they will be too dangerous or too expensive when you hire an electrician. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are some simple, affordable, and fun options for updating your home’s electrical system that don’t have to cost an arm or a leg. So instead of being forced into having your local residential electrician come out to fix things, call the Electrical Gurus to help you with these more enjoyable projects instead!

USB Charging Outlets

How often do you find yourself reaching to plug in a device but to find that the charging cable didn’t come with a wall adaptor. Most charging cables are USB only, unless you shell out more money for the wall adaptor. Well fret no more, have your local residential electrician install outlets that have USB options as well. Choose from ones that allow you to still use the outlet in a traditional manner or just go for the single plug with two USB outlets.

New Appliances

If you’re doing a kitchen or laundry room remodel, new appliances are an exciting home addition. However, potential issues can arise that will need the help of a certified residential electrician.

When you buy new appliances or add appliances that weren’t previously in the home, you may need to check that the circuit breaker can support everything you’re powering on it. That’s where the electrician comes in. Additionally, home remodels done to increase the equity of the home, should always have the electrical work done by a professional to gain the full value of the remodel. In the end, you get a great new space to live in that you know is correctly wired.

Contact the Electrical Gurus with your residential electric system projects and upgrade needs today!