One of the most frustrating experiences as a homeowner is having the power go out unexpectedly. Not only does this scenario instantly leave you in the dark, losing electrical service can have drastic effects on your appliances, especially if the power outage is due to a surge or faulty electrical panel. If your power suddenly goes out, here are a few things you can do to protect the appliances and electrical fixtures in your home.

Turn off light switches While it may seem a little silly to turn off lights that are not currently working, turning off the light switches in your home can prevent further damages once the power kicks back on. Grab a flashlight from your emergency supplies and make sure all of the light switches in your residence are switched off.

Turn off any appliances Whether you have appliances such as a computer or printer plugged into a power supply or have larger appliances that have accessible plugs, the reasoning is same as switching off your lights. When the power kicks back on, a surge of electricity could cause catastrophic damage to your appliances; as you are flipping the light switches, be sure to turn off or unplug any appliances that you can access.

Call your local electrician If the power has failed in your home, but not in the neighborhood, you’ll need to contact a 24 hour electrician to visit your home and determine the cause of power failure. If you find yourself in need of an emergency electrician in Des Moines, call Electrical Gurus any time of the day or night at 515-446-7040 or contact us online 24 hours a day.