dreamstime_xxl_38298377In our previous blog, we mentioned the importance of understanding when not to DIY at a general level. Today, we will look at specific instances of when it would be wise to call upon the services of an emergency electrician. As always, we recommend all electrical work be done by a certified professional, but we do understand that the DIY culture created by internet interconnectivity has more homeowners than ever attempting to take home repairs into their own hands. The following instances are a few definite instances that require the attention of an electrician, more specifically the services of a 24 hour electrician. These examples include:

  • Smoking outlets – If an outlet is continuously smoking, that is a very bad sign and could quickly lead to fire. If you can, safely shut off the circuit breaker. Either way, call your local fire department and contact an electrician immediately.
  • Exposed wires – These are dangerous. We recommend immediately turning of the circuit breaker you believe to be associated with the wire, and do not proceed to attempt a repair. It is simply too possible that the wire in question is not associated to the breaker you flipped, and the chance for injury with exposed wires can be high.
  • Isolated power outage – Rarely, a home will lose all electricity, while the rest of the neighborhood is unaffected. Whenever your power goes out, immediately check to see if streetlights or other nearby homes have lost power, if not then you may have a major electrical issue on your hands.
  • Wires in water – Cause for immediate alarm, keep all family members away from the area and attempt to cut the power that you believe is associated with the wires. Often this is less obvious than wires sitting in a bathtub, sometimes this can mean a leaking roof puddling in attic or wall areas, or a basement flooding unexpectedly. If you have water in your house, please be cautious of the potential electrocution risk.
  • You feel unsafe or uncertain – The above examples are definitive “should be handled by a professional only” instances, but emergencies are relative. If you feel like your family or your home is in danger due to an electrical problem, contact an electrician right away.

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We hope you never need an emergency electrician, but it is likely that you will need electrical services of some sort while you own your home. If you ever finding yourself in need of an electrician in Des Moines, please contact our certified professionals for your electrical needs or emergency electrician services.