How to avoid getting struck by lightning

Your electricians here at Electrical Gurus sure have our way with electricity. Not only are we the pros of Des Moines to call whenever your power gets a little bit wonky, but we’re also absolutely fascinated with how electricity works! From microwaves, to appliances, to electrically powered cars, we’re always ready to learn something new and use our knowledge to make sure that everything in, and out, of your home is working just swell. Arguably the most simple, yet nonetheless fascinating, conductor of electricity is the Earth itself, specifically during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms with lightning can be beautiful, but they can also be quite dangerous.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways to keep safe the next time a monstrous storm rolls across our Midwestern city. We at Electrical Guru’s are very familiar with the effects that thunderstorms have and as your Des Moines emergency electricians, we’re here to help.

Avoid Showering

Water isn’t technically a conductor of electricity, but the minerals and metals found in both the water and the pipes certainly are. Therefore, if lightning happens to strike just the right spot, you could be in a lot of danger if you take a chance and shower during a lightning storm. We suggest holding off a shower or bath until after the storm passes. While we understand that being clean is a priority, not being electrocuted is probably worth an extra hour of greasy hair.

Stay Away from the Windows

During a lightning storm, stay clear of all windows and glass doors. You never know when lightning is going to strike and you don’t want to be near fragile glass if it does strike. Lightning can easily smash your window and injure anyone who is within a few feet.

Don’t Go Outside!

While this seems like a no brainer, you’d be surprised how many people each year are struck by lightning. Not only is getting directly hit with thousands of volts of electricity painful, it could quite definitely kill you. Therefore, in the event of a lightning storm, take cover. Lightning tends to “go for” the tallest object in its path, and if you’re one of the sole things around, you could be in danger. Either take cover in a home, building, or car. If worst comes to worst, take cover under a tree. However, we’re reluctant to recommend this because if a tree is struck, it could fall on top of you.

Avoid Watching Television and Using Appliances

Using appliances that are connected to your electricity isn’t the best idea during a thunderstorm. Not only are you at risk of being shocked, but your connected electronics could be compromised if lightning were to hit your wiring. Electricity travels through your electrical wiring and it could cause a voltage overload, which could ruin your television and other appliances that are plugged in and running.

Thank you for reading and we hope today’s post was helpful. In the event of a power outage or electrical problems, don’t hesitate to call your emergency electricians here at Electrical Gurus!