There are two ways to think of the question “when to add under cabinet lighting?” Not only can you think of it as when under cabinet lighting is at its best, as in which kitchens benefit most from this luxury; also, you could think of the question as asking when should you consider upgrading your kitchen to feature under cabinet lights. Today, we’ll answer both!

Lighting Up Your Countertops

If you’re considering under cabinet lighting, then you are likely wondering whether or not your kitchen will benefit from the work that goes into lighting things up correctly. Today, we’ll help you to shine some light on the subject.

Why Bother?

Under cabinet lighting is really cool, first of all. By lighting up your countertops, you make them look cleaner, and your kitchen will likely look bigger for it. People will think your kitchen looks much better with lighting under your cabinet, as the diminutive shadows that are inevitably caused by cabinets without lights underneath are completely negated. Plus, if that isn’t enough, the practical benefit of being able to see what you’re preparing without blocking your kitchen’s lighting is tremendous; once you prepare food in a kitchen with under cabinet lighting, you’ll never look back! To answer the question of when should a kitchen have under cabinet lighting, we would say always or whenever possible!

Planning Ahead

The best way to add under cabinet lighting is to have one of our Des Moines electricians install power lines and switches for the lights before your cabinets are even installed. Doing so will make installing lights under your cabinet an absolute breeze; not only will you be able to install lights as soon as your cabinets are set, but you’ll be able to do so without having to shuffle cabinets up and down or worry about damaging any backsplash elements or other finishes. In fact, whenever possible, this is the best way to install lights under your cabinets. Your lights will never need batteries or to be manually turned on and off one at a time because they will be “hardlined” into your home’s electrical supply.

Retrofitting Lighting

It is possible to add lights to your cabinets after they are installed, but it will take a bit more effort. One such option is to go with individual “puck-style” lights that operate on batteries or with a standard outlet plug; in either case, you won’t be able to control all of your lights with the flick of a switch and the plug will leave you with a cord crossing your backsplash, which isn’t a great look. A different option would be to run a cord into one or through one or more of your cabinets to access a plug hidden inside of, above, or around your cabinets; this would involve a chain of low-wattage cords connected to one another to reach an eventual power source (not necessarily an outlet). The best option is to install the lights with a hardwired line performed by a licensed electrician (as mentioned above), but the difficulty of doing such a thing will depend on the layout of your kitchen, including things like whether or not your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling or can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Get Started Today

In any case, under cabinet lighting can elevate your kitchen from looking okay to leaving a lasting impression. While it may not seem like the most noteworthy home improvement you could possibly look into, these simple lights do add a surprising amount of value and sophistication to the space. Plus, with LED lighting, you can basically keep them on at all times for an almost entirely negligible hit to your energy bill.

If you’re interested in adding under cabinet lighting to your current or future kitchen, now is the time to call! The experienced licensed electricians at Electrical Gurus are ready to help you make your kitchen look just as great as you’re imagining. In the end, you’ll be glad you called our experienced team to make your finished kitchen look and feel like a home you can be proud of.

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