LED Lights: What are they Really?

It’s safe to say that most humans have come across LED lights at least once in our lives. They bring the twinkle to most string lights, they light up indicators on many of our electronics, and basically made Daft Punk Daft Punk.  LED lights appear around all corners, but are they really? We here at Electrical Guru’s have some insight behind the LED lights that illuminate the world around us.

What are LED lights?

Simple, LED lights are ‘light emitting diodes’ that efficiently conduct light via their semiconductor properties which allow current to flow in one direction from the positive anode towards the negative cathode before falling into a lower energy level and being transmitted into the world as a photon. Okay, maybe that wasn’t that simple, but that doesn’t mean that the physics behind LED lights aren’t super trippy. Basically, the properties of LED lights allow for great efficiency so we can utilize them in all of our favorite electronics and lighting installments.

Are LED lights safe?

Although their glow might indicate something of an isotopic disaster waiting to happen, LED lights are totally safe to use. Just don’t eat them and you’ll be fine.

Are they OKAY for the environment?

Environmentalists can rest assured when it comes to LED lights. Because of their properties, LED lights are efficient, especially compared to incandescent lights which emit a lot of heat energy which is oftentimes wasteful. Additionally, LED lights have an overall longer lifespan which accounts for less physical waste because of less need to replace bulbs. Additionally, string lights, which are oftentimes powered by LED technology, are very popular and a great touch to most backyards and living spaces. For help setting them up without a mess of wires, call our electricians for any lighting assistance.

Can I install them in my home?

Yep! LED lights come in a variety of forms. Whether you’re looking for some lightbulbs or want to destroy your neighbor, Jim, in your holiday light display next holiday season, LED lights are a great option.


Will they lower the cost of my electricity bill?

Unless you go LED crazy and install light fixtures in every corner of your house (which Electrical Guru’s could help you with if that’s a dream of yours), then your electric bill could go down if you make the switch from incandescent to LED. Because LED lights are more efficient, then they’ll require less energy to power your home or office.

LED lights are the lights of the future that we have in the present. Our experienced electricians are happy to help you with all of your electric needs, including most things LED related. If you have more questions on LED and whether or not LED lights will work for you, your local electricians up at Des Moines Electrical Gurus can be sure to provide you with reliable electric work and services. Call us today!