If you are upgrading your home’s electrical work for a renovation or remodel, then there are some truly simple ways you can elevate your new lighting to “wow” status, and now is the time to do so!

Tips & Tricks for Impressive Lighting

Recessed Lighting

If your home is a bit on the older side, the best way to modernize is with new LED recessed lighting cans. The reason for this is simply due to the smaller nature of modern cans, which allow for a much higher ceiling than you may have. Areas like kitchens, for instance, very often have lowered ceilings to account for the room that antiquated fluorescent or recessed lighting needs to have. Today’s recessed lighting cans can fit in the space between the floor joists and the future drywall, allowing for the absolute maximum ceiling height, which immediately improves the feel of most rooms.

Motion Switches

Do you have a dedicated entry to your home, such as a mudroom or enclosed patio? Nothing modernizes and simplifies these areas as easily as a motion-activated switch. In fact, these upgrades can be done after-market if your switch is positioned correctly using inexpensive switch replacements found at your local hardware store. The key here is that your switch has to be positioned correctly, often on the adjacent wall, which is often not the case. Otherwise, you will need to enter the room before the switch can sense your movement, which defeats the purpose in most applications. Planning for motion switches during the remodel can open up this possibility with ease.

Pressure Switches

Here is where we really get to go wild; a pressure switch may seem like a frivolity, but actually adds a great amount of value when used correctly. For instance, if there will be space between your upper kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, then adding in over-cabinet lighting creates an incredible effect; better still, piggybacking off of the circuit used for under- or over- cabinet lighting to create an interior cabinet lighting system is really not difficult to do at all. From there, simply add a pressure switch to your cabinet doors and voila, you’ve achieved a million-dollar home look for almost no extra cost if done when your other cabinet lighting circuitry is being installed. Similarly, if you’re able to reimagine your pantry with a closing door, simply put a pressure switch in the door frame that compresses when closed, turning off the light immediately, and depresses when opened to instantly turn on the light. It may not sound like much, but anyone visiting your home will be amazed by your ingenuity; plus, it takes almost no extra work to install, only requiring the switch box to be located on the corresponding portion of the wall and a small wire to snake through a drilled hole in the door frame.

Inspired Electricians

The best way to achieve these and other inexpensive tricks for added value and usability is to partner with inspired electricians that are willing to make these types of suggestions. At Electrical Gurus, you’ll find the most skilled and dedicated electricians in Des Moines.

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