If, like many Des Moines homeowners, you’re considering sprucing up or renovating your kitchen, you should absolutely consider a carefully mapped out lighting strategy. This sounds strange to many people, as light is considered to be a foregone conclusion when designing a space; this couldn’t be further from the truth, as properly utilized light is necessary to get the most out of any kitchen. Today, our electricians will share some basic strategies for improving your kitchen’s lighting.

Understanding Lighting

To get a grasp on what it takes to best lay out your kitchen’s lighting, it is important to understand how a kitchen relates to the three main types of lighting available through natural and house wiring: Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting

The easiest to understand and utilize is ambient lighting, which is essentially just lighting designed to help us see and navigate inside of a room. Ambient lighting often comes from other rooms, widely dispersed lamps, grid-style can lighting, or natural light streaming in from windows or semi-translucent skylights. This lighting should used to create a generally visible room without any other sources of light on; think of ambient lighting as your basecoat layer of lighting, ideal for illuminating the room, but not great for a highly specific task.

Task Lighting

Just as it implies, task lighting is ideal for illuminating a given task; for a kitchen, task lighting is perhaps the most important to properly plan out and execute. If your kitchen features nothing but recessed can lighting, then you will sorely miss the absent task lighting whenever prepping, cooking, or cleaning your kitchen. Lighting a single direction alone, such as the ceiling, will do a very poor job at illuminating spaces under cabinets, in sinks, or on the floor; additionally, one-dimensional lighting creates unsightly shadows and can cheapen the effect of your space. Having specifically utilized pendant lighting over an island or under-cabinet lighting for your countertops can make all the difference in the way your kitchen is used and displayed.

Accent Lighting

While accent lighting may seem to be the least necessary of all lighting types, as it provides little functional lighting in terms of ambient or task lighting, it can make the largest difference in the display of your kitchen. If you’re hoping to improve the look of your kitchen with an electrician alone or from an entire renovation, then you should put plenty of thought into your accent lighting. For instance: Task lighting under your cabinets can provide vital under-counter illumination, highlight your beautiful green glass tile backsplash, or both, depending on the electrician doing the installation.

Expert Local Electricians

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