Ways to Light Up Your Backyard this Summer

A beautiful and well landscaped backyard could put your house on the map in the summertime. Whether you’re a family household who wants to invite the neighbors and their kids over for cookouts that last into the night time or you’re a group of friends with the perfect backyard for summer parties, the lighting holds the key to success. Your favorite local electricians here in Des Moines have put together a list of all of the popular and hip ways to light up your backyard this summer. Enjoy!

Tree Lighting

Think the holidays but minus the snow! Stringing lights through the foliage in your backyard adds a boho touch that both decorates and illuminates your yard. While LED string lights are the most popular, and the easiest, option, feel free to get crafty with it. Some home and garden stores sell string lights equipped for the outdoors in a variety of designs including flowers, lanterns, and even butterflies. The small, twinkling lights laced between the branches gives off the illusion of fireflies, making your backyard appear to be a fairytale garden.

LED Tiki Torches

What’s more comforting than lighting that isn’t going to catch your home and garden on fire? With the classic appearance of tiki torches popping up throughout the backyard, LED tiki torches take the risk out of the process. Not only are LED lights efficient and one of our favorite lighting methods, but they’re also excellent for lighting up your world…er… backyard.


Put your backyard on the map… literally. Implementing spotlights in your backyard to shine on the trees add a necessary touch to both illuminate the trees and provide a glow so that your guests could see where they’re stepping. Spotlights are usually small and can be easily hidden in your yard. Make sure to contact Electrical Guru’s to help with all of your electrical installation needs.

Path Lighting

Depending on where you’re at with budgeting, you could illuminate paths and patios from the ground up in two separate ways. The first, and arguably the more expensive of the two is to install lighting into the path itself. This takes much more work and planning. The other, less expensive way, is to utilize stakes. Put them all around the designated path or perimeter of the stone/concrete patio to illuminate the path and ensure safety to your guests.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting adds a glow to the exterior of your home. With plenty of fixtures and design options, it’s impossible to make wall lighting boring. Additionally, adding lights to the exterior of your home isn’t a difficult task at all… as long as you have Electrical Gurus by your side.

Make the most out of your beautiful backyard this summer and contact the best local electricians in the Des Moines area. We’re skilled in electrical installations and will provide the necessary expertise to ensure both safety and efficiency. Give us a call today and we’ll help you illuminate your backyard this summer!