It’s beginning to get dark earlier and earlier; depending on the month, after the autumnal equinox (September 22nd), we’re losing between 1-2.5 minutes of daylight each day leading to the winter solstice just before Christmas. This means that letting the dog out each night is going to require more and more squinting, taking out the trash becomes perilous, and dealing with evening snows becomes even more annoying. We at Electrical Gurus recommend you consider investing in exterior house wiring and backyard illumination now, while the temperature is still relatively warm and it isn’t yet dark before dinnertime.

Why Exterior Lighting?


By investing in backyard lighting, you stand to gain a large measure of safety for your family and guests alike. Motion-sensing backyard lighting can save you a sprained ankle, a fall on the ice, or even just a stubbed toe as you navigate your backyard space throughout the winter months. Year round, however, motion sensing light increases the safety of your home as a whole, as it can help to ward off intruders and invasive critters, such as raccoons, from nearing your home. While you will likely get the most use out of your exterior lights during the winter months, they are a great thing to have year round.


Its nice to watch the snow falling just outside the windows, as your family enjoys hot chocolate inside. By having lights for your outdoor space, you make the spectacle even better. It doesn’t always snow in Des Moines, surprisingly, and warmer winter days aren’t uncommon; these warm winter days should be taken advantage of, which is hard to do if it is dark at 5pm. With easily accessible outdoor lighting, your family can enjoy outdoor living areas, you can dust off the grill for a winter burger, and open up possibilities for a nice fire on a brisk night.


Investing in pleasant-looking lighting is a great way to add value to your home, especially in winter months. Nothing takes a home from looking plain to extraordinary in the evening hours quicker than some well-placed lighting. Whether you utilize uplighting to illuminate trees or your home’s exterior or landscaping lights to illuminate the lawn, these lights provide utility and bring value to your home. Exterior lighting can take your home to the next level of visual appeal, but does require help from a skilled electrician to do well. Get in touch with us today to learn what it will take to get your home’s exterior looking great at all hours.

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Regardless of what you’re looking to gain by lighting up your home’s exterior, be sure to call Electrical Gurus for help with your electrical installation. Our highly-qualified electricians are happy to offer their experience in helping Des Moines homeowners with with internal and exterior electrical services. If you partner with our expert electricians, adding some lighting to your home’s exterior can increase its safety, usability, and give you a large boost to curb appeal.

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