The importance of properly functioning electrical panels can’t be understated; if you haven’t recently, then the time to get your home’s electrical panels checked out is now. With fall just around the corner, energy usage in Des Moines’ homes will begin to rise exponentially as homeowners spend more time indoors and rely more heavily upon heating systems. The last thing you want in the middle of fall or winter is an electrical panel acting up, failing you, or even possibly endangering your family.

Importance of Panels

Powerhouse & Motherboard

These days, our homes are only a small step away from being a large computer. Like any computer, the motherboard and power supply serve a vital purpose in powering and joining all systems; our homes aren’t much different, but the electrical panel represents both of these vital components. This means that if your electrical panel is broken or old, the various electrical systems you enjoy throughout your home will fail to work or become unsafe. By keeping your electrical panel in properly working order, you secure your home’s ability to grow with your family.

Controlling Output

Your home cannot unendingly add electrical applications, as nice as that would be; instead, your home’s maximum output is determined and limited by your electrical panel. This means, if you’re planning on extending your home or adding large electrical appliances, you should absolutely consult with a licensed electrician to find out how eligible your panel is for accommodating the new output. Even if your system is under its maximum potential output, it may be advisable to upgrade your panel to enjoy uninterrupted service; always be sure to contact an electrician for any output questions or concerns.

Modern Safety

While having an older electrical panel isn’t necessarily bad, there are a few things to watch for; older panels can carry innate risks that can be easily avoided by upgrading your electrical panel. If your home’s panel still uses fuses (not flippable circuit breakers), then you should definitely get it upgraded right away. Likewise, if your panel is from a proven-to-be unreliable brand such as Federal Pacific of FPE, be sure to give us a call at 515-446-7040 right away for assistance. Even semi-modern panels feature flippable circuit breakers, which reliably protect your home and appliances from dangerous surges. Keeping your home safe is our electrician’s primary concern, and ensuring your electrical panel is within a safe parameter is certainly part of that.

Upgrade Today

If you’re looking to grow your home’s living space, add electrical improvements inside or out, or are worried about the safety and security of your current electrical panel, then be sure to contact our licensed, bonded, and insured Des Moines electricians today. We have the skills and expertise necessary to safely and effectively upgrade your home’s electrical panel or advise against it if an upgrade is unnecessary. Electrical Gurus is proud to provide local service you can trust, get in touch with us today for details!

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