In our previous blog, we covered some of the benefits your home may enjoy by installing outdoor lighting, such as flood lights or accent lighting; however, running permanent electrical to the corners of your property is more complicated than just draping an extension cord to the desired lighting area. Often, lighting and other external electrical elements require electrical trenching to safely run power lines underground, and the season for safely and easily digging these trenches is quickly drawing to a close.

Consider Trenching Soon

Benefits of Fall Electrical Trenching

There’s never a good time to dig up your yard, but fall is far from the worst time. By choosing to install necessary subterranean power lines during the fall, you can enjoy these benefits:


  • Low demand – Not many people are considering their future exterior power needs during the fall, and you can enjoy low waiting periods, quick turnarounds, and even lower prices. When it comes to any home improvement, taking on projects during periods of low demand almost always works out in your favor.
  • Beat the weather – While we’re in the heart of fall now, there is no doubt that winter is right around the corner; by scheduling your electrical trenching with our electricians today, you stand to get your work completed before the Des Moines snow makes your backyard unusable.
  • Better now than later – The best part about doing your electrical trenching sooner than later is that your yard will only be torn up during the coldest months of the year, when you won’t care how your lawn looks anyway. When the spring thaw comes around, you can easily replace any missing grass and enjoy your yard to the fullest by summer.


Partnering With the Best

Getting your yard equipped with subterranean wiring is no small feat: It requires careful planning and expert execution. Between local and regional zoning codes, inspection parameters and availability, and overall safety and execution of the work, each electrical trenching is a big job that requires expertise and knowledge. Some of the things our Des Moines electricians offer homeowners looking for electrical trenching include:


  • Firsthand knowledge of zoning codes – If your trench doesn’t pass inspection, you’ll be out a substantial amount of time and money. With winter approaching, this is certainly the last thing any homeowner wants.
  • Optimal strategy and scheduling – At Electrical Gurus, we pride ourselves on creating a strategy and schedule that contain only achievable and optimal deadlines; this includes visits from inspectors and all work provided.
  • Electrical trenching experience – Nothing is better than real, quantifiable experience. The expert electricians at Electrical Gurus have prior experience in helping Des Moines home and business owners safely and effectively navigate similar projects.


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Reach out to Electrical Gurus today, before winter sets in and causes delays in your outdoor plans! By getting a jump on the work with our expert electricians, your yard will be ready to go well before summer comes.

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