Many of us have considered underfloor heating, especially when we step into the bathroom during a harsh Des Moines winter. Today, our electricians will share many benefits to underfloor heating that you may not have considered. You may find that there is more to underfloor heating than simply a warmer bathroom floor (although that is nice).

The Real Perks of Underfloor Heating

Better Heating

Underfloor heating spreads evenly dispersed, rising heat throughout your room’s flooring; heat emanating from the floor warms the air, which then rises toward the ceiling before cooling and falling, only to encounter more warm, rising air. This creates a pocket of cool air stuck in the ceiling of your room, leaving the space from floor to head height a comfortable, warm temperature. Additionally, since the heat doesn’t come from a single source (vent, radiator, etc.), there are no hot or cool spots in the room, the entire space is even heated.

Energy Efficiency

Each room that has an underfloor heating system installed will have its own corresponding thermostat, which effectively removes the need to heat each room to achieve a desired temperature in a single room. For instance, during the night, your home could be relatively cool, except in bedrooms; likewise, certain floors can be kept at a cooler temperature when not in use during daylight hours. This can heavily cut down on energy costs when compared to inefficient whole-house heating systems.

Meets Today’s Homes

The homes of today are more open and airy than ever, with open-concept living dominating real estate markets across the country. Open spaces are notoriously difficult to heat with radiation or forced air systems, which can create undesirable warm and cool zones in the space. By contrast, underfloor heating works excellently in larger, more open spaces.


In addition to the better, steady stream of heat found in your rooms, you will enjoy a comfortable warming underfoot. While this may seem like a feeling reserved for luxury homes, many other countries use underfloor heaters almost exclusively in new construction for its comfort and efficiency. You will no longer have to hope and wait for the furnace or radiator to kick on for warmth to flood your room, instead you will enjoy a steady stream of warmth coming from beneath.

Easy to Work With

If you’ve ever renovated a home with radiator or ventilation heating, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with relocating or working around existing HVAC lines. Unlike traditional heating systems, underfloor heating poses little-to-no issues when renovating or remodeling your rooms. Plus, since professionally installed underfloor heating is compatible with most flooring types, you won’t find yourself limited in choices for placing an all-new flooring over your heating system.

Professional Care

Underfloor heating may require a bit more planning and investment to install than fixing an old furnace system would, but the benefits you can gain by adding it to one or more rooms in your home are worth the effort. Be sure to consult one of our Des Moines electricians with your plans for underfloor heating prior to construction for best results, advice, and electrical installation.

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