When your Des Moines business needs to upgrade utilities or requires new electrical installations, contact the licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractors at Electrical Gurus. We can handle any electrical trenching for your commercial property. While you think you might want to do any trenching on your own, it is an extremely risky project to undertake without any commercial electrical experience. Digging on a commercial property on your own could result in severe injury or death due to electrocution. Additionally, if you were to damage the utility lines while digging a trench yourself, you would be liable for the costly replacements and repairs. Without the expertise of an electrical contractor, your business could experience delays during electrical installation. Plus, if your commercial property were to receive a failing grade during an inspection, it could mean closing the doors of your business until the required components are properly installed and wired. The best decision you can make when you need electrical trenching services is to call the local electricians at Electrical Gurus.

As full service electrical contractors serving Des Moines and central Iowa, our certified experts have the years of experience you would expect from a commercial electrician. We are capable of performing the electrical trenching and underground electrical work required for commercial construction projects and business properties. Our licensed electricians work with safety in mind during any electrical installation, and it is especially important during electrical trenching. We will also be mindful of commercial zoning regulations as we perform our electrical services. Working with Electrical Gurus means working with professional electricians who understand completing any electrical project at your business requires a budget and a timeline, so your commercial property can have the electrical services necessary at an affordable price and in a timely manner. Contact us online, or call Electrical Gurus in Des Moines today at 515-446-7040 for all of your commercial electrical trenching needs.