If you own a business, you cannot afford to turn away customers due to an interruption of your electrical services. With powerful Midwest storms that knock out power due to wind, lightning, or flooding, Central Iowa sees its fair share of natural disasters. Although we have not figured out a way to control the weather, you can take control of your electrical power. With a commercial backup generator from Electrical Gurus, you can be sure that your Des Moines business always has power, even if the rest of block is experiencing an outage.

Commercial Generator Installation & Service

As Des Moines’ Top Rated Local® electrician, Electrical Gurus provides a wide range of commercial and residential electrical services. However, we also sell and repair commercial generators that provide backup and standby power to businesses throughout Central Iowa. We proudly carry Kohler generators for sale and installation, but our commercial electricians are extensively trained on a wide variety of makes and models. With a commercial generator installed outside your business, you will never have to worry about power loss again. Within seconds of a power outage, your generator will turn on automatically. And since commercial generators primarily run on natural gas or propane, you won’t need to worry about refueling.

From keeping data servers of your design firm running overnight in a storm to keeping the refrigerators that store the food for your local restaurant cold in the days after a tornado, backup generators provide a great benefit to every business. For more information the commercial generators or generator repair services available from Electrical Gurus, contact us online or call 515-446-7040 today.