Every business and commercial property requires electrical services of some form. Whether you are a local baker who needs an extensive array of commercial appliances or a local insurance company with only a handful of employees, every company has electrical needs. As the Top Rated Local® electrician in Des Moines, Electrical Gurus can help your commercial property be more energy efficient and reduce energy consumption which will in turn lower your monthly electrical bill and save your business money.

Our licensed electricians can assess your current electrical services and determine how to improve energy efficiency at your business. We will analyze each aspect of your electrical equipment from appliances to lighting to wiring to ensure there are not any components of your system that are currently using excess electricity and wasting money. After an initial assessment, our electricians can provide an estimate on replacing or upgrading aspects of your electrical system. Once we generate a plan of action for your company, you can decide which electrical upgrades are most important for your local business, and Electrical Gurus can handle all varieties of commercial electrical improvements. Our electricians can install daylight sensors, motion sensor lighting, new outlets, and other energy savers such as LED lighting. When you decide to improve the energy efficiency of your business, you are making an initial investment that will ultimately pay for itself and save your company money for years to come.

At Electrical Gurus, we want your commercial property or local business to be as energy efficient as possible. We will suggest high quality products and electrical improvements that will reduce costs and waste. When you have questions, our experienced staff will help you understand all of your energy efficiency options because we never want a customer to be wasting energy. Contact us today, or call Electrical Gurus at 515-446-7040 to get sound advice on how your central Iowa business can be more energy efficient and electrically sound.