1. Appliances That Might Be Raising your Electric Bill

      Energy Bill higher than you'd like? These appliances might be why. Receiving your electric bill in the mail is enough stress to raise anybody’s blood pressure at least a few points. More often than not, our bills are a lot more than we’d want them to be. If your electric bill has been consistently high, there could be a few culprits in your home eating up electricity and running your bill …Read More

  2. The 411 on LED Lights

    LED Lights: What are they Really? It’s safe to say that most humans have come across LED lights at least once in our lives. They bring the twinkle to most string lights, they light up indicators on many of our electronics, and basically made Daft Punk Daft Punk.  LED lights appear around all corners, but are they really? We here at Electrical Guru's have some insight behind the LED lights that…Read More

  3. Porch Lighting That Doesn’t Attract Bugs

    If you’ve never heard of this phenomenon, then let our team of Des Moines electricians blow your mind: Certain light bulbs attract far fewer insects than others. In fact, recent research actually gives us a clear insight as to which types of bulbs will bring in the bugs - and even gives us a potential why. If you’re tired of getting mobbed by bugs the moment your porch lights come on, then rea…Read More

  4. When to Add Under Cabinet Lighting

    There are two ways to think of the question “when to add under cabinet lighting?” Not only can you think of it as when under cabinet lighting is at its best, as in which kitchens benefit most from this luxury; also, you could think of the question as asking when should you consider upgrading your kitchen to feature under cabinet lights. Today, we’ll answer both! Lighting Up Your Countertops …Read More

  5. Why LED Bulbs are Taking Over

    Throughout the modern age, we have become desensitized to the radical displacement of major products, categories, and even whole industries. It’s amazing how one simple technological innovation can change the way we use a major product or service in our lives; one of today’s largest examples of this is how LED bulbs are rapidly displacing the standard incandescent or CFL bulb. LED Lighting is …Read More

  6. When to Add or Relocate Light Fixtures

    If you’re in the midst of a renovation or simply rearranging your floor plan, then you’ve likely come across the need to add or relocate a light fixture. Maybe your new dining room table is a little wider than the old one, you’re adding a kitchen island with pendant lights, or you’ve finally convinced your significant other to let you get that pool table you’ve always wanted. In any case…Read More

  7. Decorate With Light

    When you flick on the light switch, what happens? If you’re thinking “the room lights up… hopefully,” then you’re probably missing out on an opportunity for breathtaking lighting to do so much more than just let you see in the dark. Illuminating Done Right Optimized Layout Your home should look intentional and deliberate, not just functional. Lighting is one of the best, easiest, and mos…Read More

  8. Keeping House Wiring Safe

    House wiring has undergone some dramatic changes in the last hundred years. What was once a relative luxury is now accessible (and even required) in just about everyone home in the country. That isn’t to say that all wiring is created and maintained equally, nor can we confidently say that any Des Moines home is safe for your family without giving it an on-site look. Electricians Keep Your Home …Read More

  9. Reduce Your Energy Bill Today

    If you’re tired of shelling out a crazy amount to the energy company each and every month, then maybe it’s time to look at how your household is consuming power and improve the efficiency of your usage. To help with that, our Top Rated Local® Des Moines electricians have committed to taking calls and appointments specifically for improved energy efficiency. Why You Should Consider Optimizatio…Read More

  10. Simple Ways To “Wow”

    If you are upgrading your home’s electrical work for a renovation or remodel, then there are some truly simple ways you can elevate your new lighting to “wow” status, and now is the time to do so! Tips & Tricks for Impressive Lighting Recessed Lighting If your home is a bit on the older side, the best way to modernize is with new LED recessed lighting cans. The reason for this is simply …Read More