1. Saving Electricity at Your Business

    Some tips to save energy at your business! Electrical bills are nothing to mess with. If you’re in a home, it’s easy to implement tactics to keep the energy usage down and the cost of electricity down, too. However, if you’re a business owner, the effort needed to make sure that your workers and customers aren’t wasting electricity is much, much harder. Because you can’t really expect cu…Read More

  2. Why We Love Local Electricians

    Your Electricity is Running: The Benefits of a Local Electrician It’s the next best thing to the sun. It powers your life and gives vitality to your home. No, it’s not pizza, it’s electricity. Without it, we’d practically be cavemen. Because of how widely implemented electricity is, we rarely take notice of it, let alone know how to work with it. That’s where electricians come in. While …Read More

  3. When Should You Rewire Your Home

    Schedule a rewiring job if you’re experiencing these issues in your home Technology is constantly evolving and the ways we power our homes and businesses are changing along with the times. Not only are there more and more innovative creations being pumped into the world that make electricity faster and more efficient, like solar and wind power, but we’re also working towards ways to make the e…Read More

  4. How to Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm

    How to avoid getting struck by lightning Your electricians here at Electrical Gurus sure have our way with electricity. Not only are we the pros of Des Moines to call whenever your power gets a little bit wonky, but we’re also absolutely fascinated with how electricity works! From microwaves, to appliances, to electrically powered cars, we’re always ready to learn something new and use our kno…Read More

  5. When to Call an Electrician

        Reasons to Call Your Local Electrician So, you have a house? Well, unless you’re up in the boonies lighting your house with kerosene lamps and somehow entertaining your poor soul without Netflix, you probably have electricity. Unfortunately, electricity, like most things in life, has a tendency to malfunction. Unlike the rip in your pants that you made at the company holiday party, you can…Read More

  6. Light Your Backyard Like a Pro

    Ways to Light Up Your Backyard this Summer A beautiful and well landscaped backyard could put your house on the map in the summertime. Whether you’re a family household who wants to invite the neighbors and their kids over for cookouts that last into the night time or you’re a group of friends with the perfect backyard for summer parties, the lighting holds the key to success. Your favorite lo…Read More

  7. Appliances That Might Be Raising your Electric Bill

      Energy Bill higher than you'd like? These appliances might be why. Receiving your electric bill in the mail is enough stress to raise anybody’s blood pressure at least a few points. More often than not, our bills are a lot more than we’d want them to be. If your electric bill has been consistently high, there could be a few culprits in your home eating up electricity and running your bill t…Read More

  8. The 411 on LED Lights

    LED Lights: What are they Really? It’s safe to say that most humans have come across LED lights at least once in our lives. They bring the twinkle to most string lights, they light up indicators on many of our electronics, and basically made Daft Punk Daft Punk.  LED lights appear around all corners, but are they really? We here at Electrical Guru's have some insight behind the LED lights that …Read More

  9. Porch Lighting That Doesn’t Attract Bugs

    If you’ve never heard of this phenomenon, then let our team of Des Moines electricians blow your mind: Certain light bulbs attract far fewer insects than others. In fact, recent research actually gives us a clear insight as to which types of bulbs will bring in the bugs - and even gives us a potential why. If you’re tired of getting mobbed by bugs the moment your porch lights come on, then rea…Read More

  10. When to Add Under Cabinet Lighting

    There are two ways to think of the question “when to add under cabinet lighting?” Not only can you think of it as when under cabinet lighting is at its best, as in which kitchens benefit most from this luxury; also, you could think of the question as asking when should you consider upgrading your kitchen to feature under cabinet lights. Today, we’ll answer both! Lighting Up Your Countertops …Read More